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Bag Opener

Plastic Bag Opener Machine

Bag Opener, is a machine designed to open bags containing municipal solid waste, such as domestic trash, industrial waste, and commercial waste. It is essential in waste management systems since it automatically opens the bags and separates the contents for further processing, recycling, or disposal.

Black Smith offers environmentally friendly waste management solutions with their Bag Opener BO series, providing efficient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional shredding techniques. The product offers complete material extraction, efficient handling, safety, low maintenance, and enhanced safety features. It efficiently processes various commodities, prevents tangles, and ensures smooth operations. It also features overload prevention and automated switch-off systems.

  • Key Benefit
  • Technical Specifications
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  • Complete Material Extraction: Virtually emptying and opening plastic bags will greatly improve your recycling operation.
  • Efficient Handling: Opens "bags within bags" quickly and processes a variety of commodities, including residual trash, paper waste, packaging waste, and household waste.
  • Safety and Smooth Operations: Designed to avoid tangles and wrapping of wires, foils, and threads, enabling a trouble-free sorting procedure.
  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free operation with little need for servicing, lowering downtime and operating expenses.
Power 15-35 kW 22-40 kW 30-50 kW
Throughput MSW/Household 22 t/h 35 t/h 50 t/h
Throughput Light Packaging Waste 10 t/h 12 t/h 20 t/h
Total Weight 10 Tons 12 Tons 16 Tons