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Shredder provide a cost-effective solution for pre-cutting of big size waste in to small size prior to final separation or screening. Single-shaft shredder is for all waste types that operates slow speed rotor. Counter finger/comb system might vary by coarse beak-up to defined size reduction. The Electric/hydraulic drive’s load-dependent speed regulation guarantees that the Motor/engine’s output is used to the fullest extent possible.

All maintenance may be done quickly and easily from outside the machine thanks to the thoughtful design. Excellent mobility is provided by the hook lift platform, 3-axle chassis, and steel rails with hydraulic drive choices.

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Single-shaft shredders are versatile and efficient solutions for waste reduction.

A variety of waste materials, including organic waste, municipal solid waste, wood, biomass, plastic, and metal, can be efficiently and effectively shred using single-shaft shredders, which are adaptable and effective devices. They are frequently utilised in recycling and waste management facilities, as well as a number of other industries.

Single-shaft shredders shred waste by tearing and cutting it into smaller pieces using a set of revolving blades. Typically, the shaft on which the blades are mounted rotates slowly.

The shredder’s lifespan is also increased by its modest speed, which also helps to lessen noise and vibration.

To accomplish the appropriate size reduction, single-shaft shredders can be set up with a range of various counter-fingers. Usually constructed of hardened steel, the counter-fingers are built to endure the wear and tear of constant use.

  • Precision Separation: The Ballistic Separator precisely separates materials into different fractions, such as cardboard, paper, containers, and fines, optimizing material recovery rates.
  • Low Maintenance: Built to last, it's easy to maintain and operate, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent sorting performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: With its low power consumption and high throughput, it's an eco-friendly addition to your recycling process.
  • Customizable: Tailor it to your specific needs by choosing from a range of screen sizes and configurations.

Optimize Recycling Efficiency with Our Shredder: Achieve consistent and efficient material shredding. Our Shredder is the key to reducing waste volume and enhancing recycling processes. Invest in sustainability today.